The Art and Science of Lighting

Chances are the upscale lighting fixtures in your home right now got their start as commercial light fixtures.

The greatest investment made in the science of lighting almost always starts with commercial applications. That’s where all the research and development is done.

Working in collaboration with architects, engineers and interior designers is where what’s new and cutting edge gets its start. And that’s where the science of lighting transitions to the art of lighting.

By the time the consumer sees lighting applications for residential use, the technology has been in use in commercial aspects for two to three years.

So, what does that mean for the residential lighting consumer?

Simple, residential lighting manufacturers look at these applications and begin to ask does a commercial design transfer to your home? The greatest benefit for residential consumers is that the significant cost of developing a particular lighting application all happens commercially.

As an added benefit, for residential consumers who work with Gainesville Lighting, is that we do both – commercial and residential. But because we have been working with the product on the commercial side, we know how to take that high-end design and fit it to the needs of our residential clients.

As a residential consumer, how do you know what’s right for you?

Again, that’s where we come in. We can show you the value that is in the details. For example, how long will the finish last, or how well will the fixture perform over time?

We can answer these questions because we’ve been part of the evolution of that fixture from inception. This enables us to help you make the correct decisions for your individual needs. When the question is whether it is worth the extra money, we can help.

Often, we direct you to lower-price products because the marginal difference between low and high may not be worth it.

We look at each and every situation and offer our advice on what would work better – commodity grade or designer product. It’s who we are.