GLEE: What Is It?

No, we’re not talking about an old TV show. GLEE stands for Gainesville Lighting’s Enhanced Experience. So, what does that mean?

It means we will do everything possible to make you comfortable with your purchase. While most businesses will tell you that, we actually live it. GLEE is a commitment on our part to make sure you are totally comfortable with your purchase.

With GLEE, we attempt to clarify for you some of the mystery involved in buying and installing the right lighting for your needs and purposes. We provide added value for you by including this additional service at no additional cost. This is not typically done by most lighting stores. We offer this to you and encourage you to take advantage of it.

Here are some of the things we mean by GLEE.

It starts with cost comparison. You may go online to look for your lighting needs. The online offering claims to be the exact product you want, and it is being offered at a great price. But when it comes time to make the purchase, that item may be discontinued or not available. The online retailer then offers an alternative at a much higher price. Not only did you just waste your valuable time, if you make the purchase, you likely overpaid.

We promise that before you leave Gainesville Lighting you will know exactly what’s available, what it costs and what items may be additional or optional. You will always be advised about suggested additional items and their cost. There are no surprises.

Additionally, when you shop with us, you get to touch and feel what you’re buying. Let’s say you’re purchasing crystal. Quality and grades of crystal vary. We will provide a sample of the exact crystal you are buying from us.

If you’re trying to compare prices to find the best deal you can, don’t worry. We provide total transparency as far as pricing goes. We will go online with you, compare prices and explain the difference. In most cases, our prices are going to be better than anything you find online, in another lighting store or in the big box stores.

Then there’s warranties. Warranties are rarely included in the boxes. We want you to be happy with your purchase and secure long-term. We will provide you with printed warranties. Our printed warranties will include component and model numbers, so if a piece of crystal or glass breaks, it can easily be replaced.

And with the technology in the lighting industry ever changing, you may be wondering about LED vs. traditional lighting. You may be thinking about switching to LED, but your fixture may not be equipped to handle LED lighting. We will always give you the best advice about retrofitting and what is possible in your situation.

In fact, we will help you with that process even if you’re not coming to us but instead going to a big box store that may be closer to you to replace lighting.

So, in closing, the more you expect of us, the more we’re going to give you. We don’t want you to be apprehensive about any part of this process. That’s what GLEE is.